What Turns Men On – Things they Find Sexy in Women

Attracting the man of their dreams can be as easy as breathing for extremely beautiful women, but for others it requires careful planning and strategic thinking. Some women may think they are just blessed or, on the flipside, simply unlucky when it comes to finding and getting Mr. Right. Some of this good and bad luck can be explained quite easily by how they act and present themselves – all those little things that turn the sterner sex on and off.red-hot

Here are some of the things that men find sexy.
You’re into him
You might think playing hard to get is the best way to go, but while men like the chase, they are not turned on by Ice Queens, contrary to popular belief. Men like you to show interest, give hints of your attraction and even make the first move.
You’re bright and sharp
Men like women with a sharp, open mind. They like for them to have plans, ideas and opinions — so long as they don’t challenge theirs too much — and they like them to be able to keep up with their jokes and their sports talk. Yes, men enjoy the company of an intelligent woman, but be careful not to seem smarter than him because that’s something no man can bear.
Lots of curves
‘A man falls in love through his eyes’, as an old saying claim. There’s no need to tell any woman what men like to look at, because it’s on display in every single magazine you see. When it comes to full breasts and buttocks along with a wasp waist, men just go crazy. The only curve that turns most men off is a bulging belly.
Full sets
Men prefer it if women show up in new, coordinated lingerie, even if it is not red, lacy or see-through — though the color red is in fact also a turn-on for most men. It’s not only about the set itself, but the fact that you put effort into dressing up and chose a set of clothes that no other person – except maybe your girlfriends — has seen before. This stimulates men’s possessive tendencies and makes them feel special and wanted.
Great mood and laughter
Men adore women who are easily amused. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that no one finds a gloomy person attractive. Some psychologists say that men feel turned on by girls’ laughter because allegedly the sound is somewhat reminiscent of those females make in bed. Of course finding his jokes funny will also earn you extra points in the relationship game.