What a Girl Wants – 6 Things that Turn her On

Men are usually easy to read — everyone knows what they like, at least on the surface level. Women are completely different — they don’t say what they mean, they like to play mind games and so on — which makes it hard to figure out what they’re looking for and makes them hard to please. If you’re a guy whose head hurts every time he tries to get a woman’s attention, then this will shed some light on women’s general preferences. Here are some of the things women find attractive in men.seeking_a_woman_out

  1. Women like tall men, or at least men who are the same height as them. Psychologists and sociologists will tell you it has to do with ancient sculptures or feeling safer but the truth is no woman wants to give her heels up or acquire a hunchback because her man is too short.
  2. Beards are trendy right now, that’s true, but women were into facial hair way before that. A beard or a bit of stubble shows a relaxed attitude and is sometimes the hallmark of a ‘bad boy’ look, which women notoriously love.
  3. Women aren’t into wimps, for the most part, but they do appreciate being loved and cherished, which is also why they find a man who displays their affection publicly – whether by holding hands, kissing or giving them a huge bear at a carnival – incredibly sexy.
  4. Men like to hear women laugh, and women like a man with good jokes — it’s a match made in heaven, when you think of it. Women see a good sense of humor as a sign of intelligence and good sociability, both assets that are high on their ‘to have’ lists for potential husbands. That is why comedians, even those who are less-than-attractive physically, often have a gorgeous model by their side.
  5. It should not surprise anyone that women like men in suits, seeing as many romantic heroes of the last years have been businessmen. A man in a suit is perceived like someone in a power position, with a good level of intelligence and possibly a healthy bank account, which means he can take care of himself and his woman. At the very least, it shows the man pays attention to how he dresses, so that is a plus in any case.
  6. Women will always prefer a man who puts her needs first, whether it is by choosing a movie or restaurant that they go to, kissing them the way they know is more pleasurable or even by prioritizing their partner’s orgasm over their own. It shows that such a man really cares for his women and, perhaps, deeply in love with her. And there in no woman in the world who wouldn’t appreciate true love.