Understanding Sexless Relationships

When asked about the secret to a healthy and successful relationship, most people will say that sex is one of the most important parts. However, as strange as it may seem, there is a significant percentage of couples who are having a very limited amount of sex.

According to a research conducted by Robert Epstein, a famous psychologist who is also the founder of the Cambridge Center of Behavioral Studies located in Massachusetts, the percentage of relationships that are characterized as “sexless” in the United States of America ranges from 10 up to 20 percent. This number is rather difficult to comprehend especially once we realize that this translates to roughly 40 million people.

Another study revealed that 30% of the male participants around 40 years old stated that they did not have sex for the past twelve months. This percentage rises to 34% for men who are 50 years old. The respective percentage for women turned out stable and it was found to be around 21%.

The term sexless refers to the sexual activity of a couple being lower than 10 times in a period of one year or less than once every month. Surprisingly, experts claim that some couples are perfectly OK with that. Even though the overwhelming majority of sexless couples are not doing it by choice but because of either the man or the woman having physical or emotional troubles that prevent them from performing in sex, there are an estimated 5-7% of couples who have stated that the absence of sex is their conscious choice.

Understanding the cause of the situation is the key to deciding what actions must be taken. If both members of the couple are perfectly fine together without feeling the need to have sex, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that since it’s their mutual decision. But, if a sexless couple is created due to a problem that one or both members are facing, then there are ways to overcome this.

First of all, we must learn to communicate and talk about everything with our significant other. Not discussing problems does not solve anything – on the contrary – sometimes it makes things worse. If this is not enough, it is time to consult an expert. There are many types of medical experts, psychologists and counselors that can offer help and aid you in turning a sexless relationship to one that has more sex than you ever imagined.