Treating Condylomata Acuminata Still a Challenge

Popularly known as genital warts, Condylomata Acuminata continues to affect many people young and old, male as well as female. The condition is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) which is also responsible for other viral diseases and is believed to also contribute to the cancer of the cervix.

Genital warts appear like small growths or bump on the skin and may be single, slightly raised, or multiple and the color will vary from pink, light brown, or dark brown. In addition to genital warts, HPV which is one of the more than 70 types of viruses is responsible for other warts that affect the feet, hands, and other body regions.

It’s not always possible to see the warts since while some will be clearly visible (single or cluster/cauliflower-like shape); others remain hidden beneath the surface of the skin. Furthermore, the warts may lie deep inside the genitalia making it impossible to not only see but also feel. Due to this many people may be suffering from the condition without knowing it.

Some warts are so minute that they can only be viewed using a microscope while others will appear like normal bumps and the victims will think they are the normal bump or pimple. Genital warts just like HPV is mainly spread through direct skin -to-skin contact especially during sexual contact (anal, vaginal or oral). In addition, mothers can pass the infection to their infants during birth.

Over the years, different kinds of cures have been discovered and used in treating Condylomata Acuminata with each type offering varied results. However, a cure that offers permanent remedy is yet to be discovered due to the tricky nature of the virus. This has made it a bit challenging for both medics and patients. Majority of the remedies mainly focus on dealing with the symptoms and not so much on the underlying cause which is the human papilloma virus.

A person who has genital warts may only discover this after going for a test or after several months. This is because the bump or pimple may remain inactive inside the body and will only erupt after reaching full maturity or being triggered by something else.

Methods of treating genital warts are as varied as the types of viruses that cause warts and a person may have to try several methods before finding one that offers the best results. Popular techniques include Cryotherapy which involves freezing the wart using liquid nitrogen, using immune system stimulants such as Imiquimod cream, as well as skin creams.