The Truth about Melanoma: Rare Facts that May Save Your Life

Each year, more than 77,000 US residents are diagnosed with melanoma, according to president of MoleSafe, Dr. Richard Bezozo and many other reliable sources. This year alone, it has taken up to 10,000 lives.

The truth is melanoma may be a rare type of skin cancer but is still the deadliest, accounting for approximately 1-2% of all the skin cancer cases. One unfortunate fact is that most people notice the visible signs of the disease when it’s too late.

Here are some facts that most people are not aware of. However, they should.

  1. Melanoma doesn’t go for a specific skin tonemelanoma_check-up

Many dark-skinned people are never cautious because they believe they are not at risk of any skin cancer. And that is the reason a larger percentage of them don’t wear sunscreens. One undeniable fact is, a large amount of melanin in a dark skin may shield you against sun’s UV rays, but doesn’t eliminate the possibility. Melanoma attacks both fair and dark skin.

  1. The signs aren’t only visible on the parts exposed to UV rays

There is no doubt that exposing your skin to sun’s UV rays may increase the risk of melanoma, but that doesn’t keep the hidden parts safe as well. Signs of melanoma may be evident in places that aren’t exposed to the sun at all. For example, it may occur on your foot’s sole, abdomen, toes or even your genitals.

  1. Salon tanning is similar to tanning outdoors

According to some study conducted at Melanoma Research Foundation, tanning beds produce UVR similar to what you get when outside in the sun. According to Dr. Richard Bezozo, the only way to get a tan and stay safe is to use self-tanners or spray tan.

  1. Melanoma is often noticed when it is in its later stages

One thing that causes numerous deaths from melanoma is visiting a doctor when it is too late. Most people often mistake a variety of symptoms to other skin complications. The only time they’ll see a dermatologist is after it worsens. If it is melanoma, leaving any sign unchecked for a long time may make it harder to treat and that is the reason people die. Check your skin to see if there is any abnormality and let the doctor decide if it is melanoma or not.

  1. Melanoma can attack any time

Many predict the weather before going outside. And they will leave the house without wearing a sunscreen just because the sky is not clear thinking the sun won’t shine on their skin. Remember, it is all about UV rays. It doesn’t have to be too much, and you don’t have to feel the burn. A minor exposure to sun’s rays may cause melanoma even in winter.

The bottom line

Melanoma is little understood by most people. Perhaps, that is the reason why so many of them don’t see the need of wearing sunscreens to protect their skin from UV rays. One thing we can’t do away with is the lack of knowledge.

The truth is that melanoma won’t appear as a skin cancer the first time. It may look like any other type of skin complication. Unless you are a doctor, it is never a good idea to assume anything. See an experienced doctor immediately you discover any abnormality on your skin.