The Benefits of Cinnamon Water for Weight Loss

Flavored waters are certainly trendy nowadays, and that isn’t news to anyone who is interested in health and nutrition. While celebrities and some experts rave about these miraculous waters and their supposed benefits, others point out that these only differ from regular bottled water because of their flavors.

Lemon water is perhaps the most popular and well-known of these beverages, but a new kind of miracle-water is emerging: the cinnamon flavored kind.

Cinnamon is undoubtedly favored by nutritionists, but it’s actual research findings that are leading people to spicing up their water with cinnamon. The data in question has shown that cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels. Seeing as a higher blood sugar is usually responsible for feelings of hunger, some are wondering if cinnamon water could be an effective tool for those trying to manage their hunger and lose weight.

The belief that cinnamon water could have health and weight loss benefits is in fact so strong that well-known beverage brands have jumped at the opportunity and started selling their versions of the flavored drink.

Those who think cinnamon water will be a key to losing those irritating extra 5 pounds should be cautious, however. While research looks promising, experts still consider it to be inconclusive. A series of studies published in 2016 seems to show that cinnamon can lower blood sugar more effectively and efficiently than dietary supplements created for the same purpose. However, this research is quite inconsistent, as different methodologies and quantities were used.

More than that, the actual improvement in the study participants’ blood sugar levels were actually quite modest, and they did not even meet the criteria set by the American Diabetes Association. Furthermore, no studies have conclusively linked cinnamon to appetite or fullness, once again proving that the supposed weight loss benefits of cinnamon have risen purely out of speculative thinking.

One should note, though, that while cinnamon has not been proven to help with weight loss per se, there are still benefits of drinking cinnamon water. First of all, cinnamon water is essentially still water, which means it will keep the body hydrated while having a pleasant taste, which can be helpful for those that have difficulty drinking enough of the regular kind. Additionally, cinnamon water can have a similar feel and taste to sodas and other highly caloric drinks, so by drinking it instead of those drinks, one is definitely lowering their calorie count for the day.

Finally, some say that filling one’s stomach with liquids can bring a false sensation of satiety, thus curbing their appetite. This will help people cut their portions of food and once again lower the number of calories ingested, thus improving weight loss prospects.