Ranbaxy pharma

Ranbaxy forzestRanbaxy is a well-known pharmaceutical company which manufactures drugs that are spread
worldwide. It was established in 1961 in India, and in the year 1990 it has expanded its
influence in Europe and America. A very significant fact is that the production facilities
are located in 11 countries around the world, and delivery is organized to more than
120 countries on all continents.

Release of Ranbaxy’s products is carried out exclusively on its own research and
development. The company produces a wide assortment of drugs with high quality accessible
to a wide range of consumers.

Ranbaxy’s Technologies and Standards

Technology of production of drugs on Ranbaxy factories meet international quality
standards GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and is regularly monitored by the most
“stringent” organizations such as the Office of the Food and Drug Administration –
FDA (USA) Health Service – ISA (UK), Management medical products – TGA (Australia),
MCC (South Africa).

Ranbaxy is constantly engaged in research and development, which coordinates and
directs the Advisory Council, which consists of eminent scientists from the US,
Germany, India.

Nowadays, the company serves patients from 125 countries. The company is constantly
striving to expand the list of its subsidiaries of international type, joint associations
and organizations.

Company’s Production

Ranbaxy Company focuses on the production and implementation of social medicine.
It specializes in anti-diabetic, urological, psychiatric, anti-allergic and
anti-diabetic drugs, against which Ranbaxy tablets are known worldwide. The
best-known medicines produced by the plant are Ketanov Ranbaxy, Zanotsin, TSifran,
Fenyuls and Koldakt.

FDA ranbaxy forzestToday,
the most innovative medicines are Pilobakt AM and Pilobakt, which is a
set for eradication. They allow patients to follow as closely as possible medical
recommendations, provide high efficiency and accuracy.

Ranbaxy aims to support all programs aimed at combating HIV infections,
providing all the necessary study medication. Production facilities, laboratories
and research and development of the company comply with the requirements of the
standard GMP, allowing entry of drugs marketed in relatively short time.

With excellent research and development, production and marketing capacity,
Ranbaxy has everything you need to achieve your goal by providing the population and
health care facilities with modern high-quality drugs with affordable prices.