New Study Shows That a Handful of Nuts Can Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the major health problems that people are facing all around the world. According to several studies, it is estimated that one out of ten people suffers from a heart-related problem. However, many people often do not even realize that they have a heart problem because they have not been clinically tested. In fact, lack of early testing is one of the major problems that have been associated with so many deaths from heart disease. A large number of people realize that they have a disease when it is too late. The high level of deaths from heart problems have been associated with costly treatment procedures that many people cannot afford.

mixed-nutsNew study on how to prevent heart disease

A new study has shown that nuts can go a long way in preventing heart disease. According to independent reports, people who consume at least twenty grams of nuts on a daily basis have lower risks of developing heart disease. Researchers, looking for the different ways that nuts help the body, found out that twenty eight gram of nuts daily can help reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 20 percent. They found consistent results that the same amount of nuts also go a long way in prevention of death among heart disease patients.

However, in order to get full benefits from nuts, the researchers advice, they need to be taken together with a healthy diet to promote the best results. In addition to a healthy diet with nuts, people are also advised to stop living a sedentary lifestyle, which contributes a lot to heart problems.

To ensure that nuts offer the best results, people are also advised to consider the real cause of the heart problems. This is because those from families that have a history of heart disease might get a particularly large benefit from a healthy diet with a lot of nuts. Nevertheless, nuts might not be able to help get rid of the heart disease risk fully.

Why nuts are effective in prevention of heart disease

Without a doubt, the news that nuts can help reduce the deaths occurring as a result of heart disease should be received positively. But why this particular food item is good for your heart? The researchers believe that nuts are helpful because of the fact that they contain healthy unsaturated fats, wide range of vitamins, protein and minerals. Unsalted nuts are the best and healthiest option for prevention of heart disease and for overall body health.