Men are Becoming Weaker as Women Grow Stronger

According to a new study, millennial men are weaker than their fathers were. The researchers who conducted the study used grip strength as the measure of a man’s strength. More specifically, the team looked at the pounds of force (lbf) a man applied on an object as he grips it.

The study involved 237 male students who were of good health. The average grip strength among them was 98 Ibf. These male students, aged between 20 to 34 years old, had grip strength lower than that exhibited by men in the same age bracket in 1985. Therefore, the study proves the strength of millennial men is significantly weaker than that of men belonging to their father’s age bracket.

Women are stronger than their mothers were

The researchers who carried out this study came from North Carolina and they published it in the Journal of Hand Therapy owned by Elsevier Publishing.arm-wrestling-competition They decided to look at the strength of millennial women as well so that the study is comprehensive and comparative. They discovered that millennial women are stronger than women of the same age bracket in 1985 were. More specifically, millennial women aged between 20 and 34 years old can generate grip strength of 98 Ibf. In contrast, women within the same age bracket in 1985 had grip strength of 79 Ibf. That is an increase of about 19 lbf within 30 years.

Possible explanations

It might boil down to the work both genders do today as compared to what they did in the past. In 1980s, a large portion of the male population sought work in blue-collar job domain. For example, they would work as miners, farmers, repair work, and sanitation among other manual labor jobs. More importantly, men would also perform chores such as fixing broken furniture and repairing faulty electrical systems. They would also exercise more back then than millennial men do today. Therefore, the generation of men that sired millennial men and women was physically more active and as such, stronger.

In contrast, women are now working more than they did in the 1980s. Their bodies increase with strength each day as they leave the comfort of their homes to engage in numerous jobs including manual labor.

What to expect?

This study should matter to you because a person’s grip strength is a strong indication of his overall strength and health. If men are becoming weaker, then it could also mean that their physical strength is deteriorating as the years go by. It could also mean that in future, men may lose their traditional value and identity in society. This loss of traditional duties for men would be an enormous cultural shift in society. Some would greet it with joy while others would resist it vehemently.