Is It Good to Completely Eliminate Sugar from Your Diet?

The reputation of sugar in health and nutrition circles has declined dramatically, especially over the last few years. Numerous studies have linked high sugar consumption to major health problems such as obesity, heart disorders and even cancer. Therefore, most medical professionals have been focused on introducing a reduction of the recommended daily intake of sugar. In addition, there are those who have called for the complete elimination of added sugar in food. However, is the removal of it the most ideal decision?

Added sugar

added_sugarThere are numerous types of sugar that people consume daily, scientifically speaking. However, the main kind that has caused uproar in the health industry is added sugar. It is usually produced in the standard crystalline form that is added into bakery, sweets, and beverages like tea and coffee. Added sugar is the more dangerous form because it is difficult to rate your intake without careful observation. Basically, this refers to the sugar content incorporated in other foods such as pie, cakes, soft drinks, chocolate and general desserts.

Negative effects of sugar

Over the last few years, research has been conducted on the effects of sugar consumption. The primary problem has been identified as added sugar in commercial goods. Experts have cited that this form of sugar increases the risk of high blood pressure aside from many other health complications. It may also increase the risk of death in people with existing cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, added sugar has contributed a lot to the increase of obesity around the globe.

Sweetener alternative

With the alienation of sugar, most people choose to turn to artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and saccharin. However, these are not considered to be much better than sugar in ensuring good health. According to research, the action of the sweetener can interfere with the essential activity of the gut flora. In addition, long-term consumption of the sweetener will still cause the same problems such as weight gain and higher blood glucose.

The verdict

The negative effects of sugar are apparent, and reduction of this substance is without doubt the most sensible step to take. However, the complete elimination is difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish since so many everyday foods contain sugar. Also, this action is not the healthiest choice for anyone. In simple terms, sugar is present in important foods such as dairy products, nuts, some fruits and vegetables and even eggs. Therefore, eliminating every form of sugar would leave you with very limited food options. However, the best approach would be to eliminate the consumption of added sugar.