Hair Removal: Understanding the Common Techniques for Women

The removal of hair is also referred to as depilation or epilation. Basically, this process is the intentional elimination of different forms of unwanted body hair. In the modern society, most women practice hair removal for cosmetic purposes and comfort. However, hair removal can also be necessary for some health and medical reasons. If you have been infested by lice or similar parasites, shaving can help you ensure complete eradication and better cleanliness. Some people accumulate microorganisms in hair which cause body odor, so hair removal comes as the most logical and effective solution. Here is a short description of the best epilation techniques for women.

hair-removalDepilatory Creams

One of the best hair removal options for women is the use of depilatory creams. These products can be purchased from drug stores without prescription. The cream is effective because it works by dissolving the pertinent hair shafts, leaving smooth skin. There are diverse depilatory creams, so ensure that you have selected the right one for the pertinent body part.

The only drawback of depilatory cream is the possibility of an allergic reaction or chemical burn. Test the product on a small surface on your arm and use as directed to avoid negative reaction.


You can remove unwanted hair by waxing at home, but it is advisable to engage a professional for the process. This technique can be used on any part of the body including armpits, bikini area and legs. As implied, waxing involves application of sticky wax on the skin and then stripping it along with the hair. The main advantage of this method is that it can keep you free of unwanted hair for up to six weeks. You can augment the results by using an epilator to control regrowth.

The drawback of this method is that hair needs to be fairly long, about a quarter an inch, for effective waxing. Additionally, if your skin is damaged or weakened due to reconstructive surgery, laser skin treatment, sunburns or disease, avoid waxing.


Hair removal by shaving is the most effective for such parts of the body as the legs and arms. It is an ideal choice for women who do not mind performing the task regularly. The results of the shave will usually last up to four days.

If you choose this method, you should note that the wrong technique can cause poor results or adverse effects. While shaving, make sure that you have moisturized the skin using soap or shaving cream. Never use blunt blades because they are more likely to injure your skin. Finally, to avoid skin irritation, you should shave your unwanted hair in the direction it grows.