Foods That Will Boost Your Immunity and Minimize Risks of Catching Common Colds and Flu

Are you scrapping your hands like crazy with Purell but still catch flu now and then? Well, washing your hands is not enough to keep the flu at bay. The ability of your body to fight against pathogens can be determined by what you eat. Below are some of the superfoods that you can consider adding to your diet regularly to boost the immunity of your body and prevent the common cold and flu.


This is grains that contain the nutrients required for keeping your body’s immunity at guard. It has beta-glucan, a fiber with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. It has greater potential as compared to other whole cranes. There is evidence that barley can also increase your resistance to herpes.

Additionally, compounds found in barley are believed to speed up wound healing and increase the efficiency of antibiotics. For it to have the right immunity boosting effect, you should take barley at least once in 2 days.

Chicken soup

In the course of research that was conducted at the University of Nebraska, 13 noodle brands were tested and only one brand appeared not to block inflammatory white blood cells migration. That was the chicken flavored ramen noodles which led to very interesting findings. The results concluded that cold symptoms start showing as a response to accumulation of bacteria in the tubes of the bronchus. The amino acids by the name cysteine that are released from chicken soup resemble acetylcysteine, the bronchitis drug, and this explains why chicken soup is a great remedy when it comes to common colds and flu.


This is a close relative of the onion that contains allicin in large amounts. This fights against bacteria and infections among other health benefits. For individuals who take garlic regularly, their probability of suffering from flu is minimal.

Some studies have found that if you consume six garlic cloves a week, you lower your chance of getting colorectal cancer by 30%. The same amount of garlic lowers stomach cancer risk by 50%. Therefore, have garlic in your dishes regularly.

Other superfoods that you can incorporate in your diet to boost your immunity include:

– Yogurt.

– Shellfish.

– Beef.

– Green tea.

– Sweet potatoes.

The above are the foods you can take to minimize your chances of suffering from common colds and flu. These foods can boost your immunity and make you stronger. This means that your resistance and resilience increase, which makes you a healthier person.