Common Nutrition Pitfalls

The internet is always telling people what they can or cannot eat. And because so many of the same ideas about nutrition keep circulating, not only online but in other forms of media as well, there are a lot of people who have developed some rather erroneous ideas about food and dieting, the most prominent of which include the following:

Smoothies and portions

Smoothies are some of the most nutritious food items on the market today. Jam packed with nutrients, they have become the food of choice for people looking to lose weight. There is nothing wrong with consuming smoothies. They allow you to combine fruits, vegetables, nuts, and various nutritious foods within a single cup.

However, the problem arises with the portions people consume. Just because smoothies are nutritious doesn’t mean you can take as many portions as you want. The bigger the cup, the more calories you are introducing to your body. Yes, you can put on much weight consuming too many smoothies.

Gluten-free diets

This has become the buzzword for many health-crazy people. Admittedly, gluten-free foods are healthier than their gluten-rich counterparts.Smoothies Not only are they appropriate for people looking to lose weight but anyone with gluten sensitivity should definitely pursue a gluten-free diet.

However, discerning gluten-free foods from gluten-rich items is easier said than done. Most manufacturers do not feel compelled to label their food items accordingly. As such, people will rejoice in the fact that they are avoiding gluten by giving chips, crackers, and sugary desserts a wide berth, ignoring the fact that the soy sauce, salad dressing, and even beer they are consuming are also potent sources of gluten.

More importantly, people tend to consume gluten-free foods in larger quantities than necessary, forgetting that the gluten-free nature of these foods doesn’t change the fact that you are still adding calories to your body.


People love cleanses. They think that by pursuing some of those popular detoxes, they can make up for their poor food choices. In fact, there is no scientific evidence to prove that detoxes actually eliminate toxins from the body.

Additionally, long-term cleanses can actually cause nutrient deficiencies, which may lead to illnesses – even such serious as heart failure.


Everyone loves to demonize carbohydrates, blaming them for every health complication that arises. A lot of people have taken to eliminating carbohydrates from their diets, not realizing that carbs are the body’s greatest sources of energy.

The key is moderation. Rather than eliminating carbs as a whole, you are better off reducing the portions of food items like spaghetti and potatoes that you eat. This is better for your health than simply eliminating carbs from your diet.

When it comes to nutrition, the key to success is moderation. People take sound advice about dieting and often push it too far. Even the healthiest dieting schemes can prove disastrous if they are taken too far.