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The Promising Ebola Vaccine Can Soon Be Approved

Following a long time since the main outbreak of the Ebola infection, there is at last a promising experimental vaccine to Ebola virus that could be accessible for Ebola patients by the year 2018. On 22nd December, 2016, the medical journal Lancet gave the outcomes from a trial demonstrating that the Ebola vaccine, referred to as rVSV-ZEBOV, offers you 100% protection from this deadly virus. Continue reading

The Vaccine Debate

Vaccination is arguably one of the greatest health advancements. Vaccines are a form of preventative treatment administered to create immunity against specific diseases. Usually, children below the age of 6 undergo mandatory vaccinations. Some of the illnesses inoculated against include: Continue reading

Aspirin as a Cancer Preventive Medication

Can aspirin fight cancer? That seems to be what scientists from Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) and Oregon State University (OSU) are suggesting. The combined OHSU-OSU team didn’t invent this theory. Medical experts have been contemplating the idea for several years now. Continue reading

The Libido Pill Addyi

The first drug that is capable to boost women’s sex drive went on sale in October 2015. The little pink pill (generic name flibanserin) is a non-hormonal prescription pill, that is used to treat the low sexual desire of women. Continue reading