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Resuming Sex after Childbirth: It May Take Some Time

Giving birth is a natural and common process. However, not everyone understands just how traumatic it can be to a woman’s body. Men are often notorious for lacking awareness of the huge strain childbirth can exert, and do not always understand why women need time before they can engage in sex routine again. Continue reading

Older Women Also Have Happy Sex Lives

There is a public perception that sexual activity and satisfaction among older females decreases, especially after menopause. Although in many cases it’s true, science draws a much more interesting and complex picture. In a study carried out by the University of California, scientists scrutinized female attitudes towards sex across different age groups. Continue reading

Understanding Sexless Relationships

When asked about the secret to a healthy and successful relationship, most people will say that sex is one of the most important parts. However, as strange as it may seem, there is a significant percentage of couples who are having a very limited amount of sex. Continue reading

The Next Generation of Condoms Are Being under Development

Despite preventing unwanted pregnancy and a number of sexually transmitted diseases, not everyone is in favor of condoms, claiming that they are uncomfortable and decrease sexual pleasure. To solve this problem, scientists at the University of Wollongong and University of Texas have been working independently on the condom of the future. Continue reading

Lambskin Condoms: Pros and Cons

There are numerous types of condoms in the market to consider when looking for the ideal product. Therefore, you must think about some critical factors before making your purchase. One of these important considerations concerns the material; this will determine the resilience, safety and aesthetics of the condom. Most male condoms are made of latex and polyurethane. However, Continue reading

What a Girl Wants – 6 Things that Turn her On

Men are usually easy to read — everyone knows what they like, at least on the surface level. Women are completely different — they don’t say what they mean, they like to play mind games and so on — which makes it hard to figure out what they’re looking for and makes them hard to please. Continue reading

What Turns Men On – Things they Find Sexy in Women

Attracting the man of their dreams can be as easy as breathing for extremely beautiful women, but for others it requires careful planning and strategic thinking. Some women may think they are just blessed or, on the flipside, simply unlucky when it comes to finding and getting Mr. Right. Continue reading