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The Global Burden of Alcoholism

What starts to be a curiosity can lead to a bad habit that can be very hard to break. Most drug addicts become what they are because of peer pressure and the promise of feeling "free" and "happy". This "free" and "happy", once experienced, especially by those people who are stressed and problematic, becomes a fantasy world that they would like to come back to over and over again. ...
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The Current Health Care Trends

The medical field is adjusting time and again so as to maximize the service delivery to patients. One of the factors that have led to changes in the medical field is technology. Also, government policies affect the health care field in a way. The changes affect both the service providers and the consumers. Keeping that in mind, here are the current trends in the health care sector. ...
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Essentials Oils for Hives

Hives are the red and itchy bumps or welts that often appear on the skin, similar to those of mosquito bites. Most people will develop hives at some point in their lifetime and at varying levels. Some will develop itchy rashes that may even have a stinging or burning sensation. ...
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Cancer Nutrition Myths

When people are diagnosed with cancer, some of them become obsessed with the Internet, and for good reason. There are various resources on the Internet offering hope to the sick, providing essential nuggets of information patients of cancer could use to fight their sickness and achieve a semblance of physical well-being. ...
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5 Simple but Important Health Tips for Men

Men often take their health for granted and don’t go for regular check-ups, stick to healthy lifestyles or even protect themselves financially against health problems. Some experts say that is the key reason why women tend to live longer than men today. Hoverer, prioritizing your health over everything else is the best reward you can ever give to your body. ...
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Living with Diabetes

Though currently there is no known cure for diabetes, being diagnosed with the disease does not mean a death sentence. Many people live with the condition for long and without any serious health implications due to the disease. ...
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