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What You Should Do to Avoid or Get Rid of Obesity

Obesity affects more than 600 million people worldwide representing 13% of the world’s population. It is also a leading cause of death in some regions of the world. For example, more than 365,000 people in the United States die annually from health conditions related to obesity while the corresponding figure in Europe is one million people. These statistics show that this illness is very dangerous. ...
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A Cure for Baldness?

For every man, ageing comes with its fair share of worries. Leading this list is the fear of being bald-headed. With the condition affecting half the male population in the world by the time they are fifty years old, this definitely is a cause for concern. ...

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Smoking Might Cost Men Their ‘Y’ Chromosome

Although consequences are not yet clear, experts suspect that the change may be as a result of increased cancer risk.

Gentlemen who smoke are likely to see their Y chromosomes vanish as they continue to grow older. This is according to a new study. ...

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The Top 10 Dangerous Infections


The latest influenza to hit the features was Swine flu. The alerts chimes began ringing when it was observed to be another variation of the H1N1 strain. Passings did happen and it did appear to be especially harmful, yet nothing contrasted with the size of Spanish influenza. I really had Swine influenza and it wasn't nice. ...

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Penile Cancer

This is very rare cancer type that occurs on the surface of thepenis. The age group of men that are prone to it is 60 years. Changes in sexual practices have led to 20% increase cases of this cancer in the past 30 years. In this article, we are going to discuss it in detail. ...

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What benefits do strawberries provide?

With the start of summer there appear more and more berries and fruits in our menu. One of these berries is juicy strawberry. These are delicious, fragrant, extremely helpful, and also they are an excellent natural aphrodisiac. Of course, there are situations where strawberries may be contraindicated or their use should be restricted. We will try to find out useful secrets of strawberries here. ...

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What to eat to thin down

Proper nutrition is a quite subjective concept. Someone tells about the threats of meat, the others insist on its benefits. Some nutritionists advise not to eat after 6:00 pm, while others say it is harmful. After hearing different opinions from competent professionals, people find themselves just lost in guesses: what to eat to thin down? ...

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