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All There Is To Know About Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is indeed one of the most deadly diseases on earth. In fact, treating TB – as it is commonly referred to in the medical realms – takes much longer compared to other bacterial infections and if not properly treated in timely fashion, the results can be disastrous. Medications are at the core of TB treatment, and in most cases patients have to consume strong antibiotics for approximately six to nine months for them to survive.    ...
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Urinary Retention

Urinary retention, also called ischuria by some people, is a medical condition that affects mostly elderly men. It is the most common effect of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) but it can also have various other causes, some of which are urinary tract infection, dysfunction of the nerves, constipation or even some medications administered to a person like amphetamines, antidepressants and anticholinergics.  ...

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Important Facts About Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a disease that must concern all men, both young and old. It goes without saying that is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention and specific treatment procedures. According to recent medical studies, around 14% of men will develop prostate cancer during some period of their lives while nearly 3 million men in the United States of America alone have survived it. ...

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Bacteremia is a very serious medical condition that occurs when bacteria enter the bloodstream of the human body. The early symptoms are common and may not alarm the patient but once the disease is confirmed, the person must seek medical help immediately since it can turn to a life threatening situation. However, not all bacteremia cases become that severe. ...

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