Cancer Nutrition Myths

When people are diagnosed with cancer, some of them become obsessed with the Internet, and for good reason. There are various resources on the Internet offering hope to the sick, providing essential nuggets of information patients of cancer could use to fight their sickness and achieve a semblance of physical well-being. More often than not, these resources emphasize nutrition above all else.

However, while proper nutrition is indeed essential to a given individual’s efforts to fight cancer, finding accurate guidance online about nutrition can be difficult.

There are so many voices on the internet, so many people making claims about the best diets for overcoming cancer that separating facts from fiction can be quite challenging.

The following myths, in particular, have persisted over the years, this despite the lack of quantifiable scientific evidence to justify them:


There are a lot of people who believe that sugar somehow feeds cancer.anti-cancer-foods-pill Admittedly, cancer cells do require glucose; however, so do healthy cells. Some cancer patients have been known to completely remove sugar and carbohydrates from their diet in an effort to prevent their disease from spreading.

This is a mistake because it only limits patient’s food options and people in such cases end up losing more weight than might be healthy. Additionally, the body can still make glucose out of different foods.

It is only sensible to control the quantities of carbohydrates you consume, however, do not expect this decision to drastically impact your cancer.


This is what most nutritionists say, that having cancer means immediately switching to an organic diet. In truth, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that organic diets will drastically improve your chances of beating cancer.

However, this is no excuse to cut organic foods out of your diet. There are a lot of health benefits linked to fruits and vegetables. Just don’t pin your hopes on the possibility that an organic diet can miraculously eliminate your cancer.

Alkaline and acidic foods

Medical science has proven that cancer cells thrive in acidic environments. For this reason, certain people have concluded that the best way to fight cancer is to not only avoid acidic foods but to adopt an alkaline diet.

The idea is that by making the pH of your blood more alkaline, you can make your body hostile to cancerous cells. It is true that cancer cells love acidic environments. However, the human body does a very effective job of maintaining the pH of blood, and no amount of dieting is going to change it. As such, avoiding acidic foods will do little to improve your condition.

In conclusion, all medical experts make it a point to encourage their patients to avoid resources that offer medical solutions that sound too good to be true.