Are Vitamin Supplements really Useful?

Vitamin supplements in the form of pills are being purchased and consumed by a very large percentage of the population for more than a few decades. Even though there are published researches demonstrating that the overwhelming majority of these products offer nothing beneficial to the human body, people tend to buy them anyway. This happens mostly because the consumers are not scientifically informed. In an effort to alter this situation at least a bit, we are going to mention some of the most famous vitamins, or groups of vitamins, and try to understand whether they are indeed good for us.

Antioxidants: They are mostly found in three vitamins: A, C and E. Vegetables and fruits contain them in large amounts. There is a “myth” according to which supplements that include antioxidants shield us against cancer.supplements-vs-fruits Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. When used excessively, not only don’t they protect, but they increase the risk of getting certain types of cancer. A recent study showed that male smokers who used Vitamin A supplements regularly had higher chances of developing lung cancer than the rest.

Vitamin D: This one is definitely needed, especially because getting enough of it through food is quite difficult. Vitamin D helps us in keeping our bones healthy and strong, prevents osteoporosis, and it also allows us to absorb calcium efficiently. All researches agree that using vitamin D supplements on a daily basis improves the quality of our lives.

Probiotics: In simple terms, probiotics contain bacteria like the ones that can be found in our stomach. The theory behind probiotic supplements is that they increase the number of the aforementioned microorganisms, mainly helping digestion. However, this theory has not been yet proven to be true. So, instead of buying them in the form of pills, you should prefer eating natural foods rich in probiotics. For example, yogurt, when consumed regularly, has more helpful bacteria than we would ever need.

Vitamin C: The final item in our list is definitely the most well-known vitamin of all. No other supplements have been used as much as the ones containing vitamin C. Its most wide-spread “attribute” is that it can diminish the duration of the common cold. Sadly, this is just another myth. A huge number of different studies and researches proved this claim false. In fact, large amount of vitamin C supplements may cause the formation of kidney stones. Instead, eating an orange, a kiwi, or a few strawberries 2-3 times a week can offer us the essential amount of vitamin C without the need of unnecessary supplements.