Date Archives: July 30, 2016

What Turns Men On – Things they Find Sexy in Women

Attracting the man of their dreams can be as easy as breathing for extremely beautiful women, but for others it requires careful planning and strategic thinking. Some women may think they are just blessed or, on the flipside, simply unlucky when it comes to finding and getting Mr. Right. ...
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Date Archives: July 17, 2016

Essentials Oils for Hives

Hives are the red and itchy bumps or welts that often appear on the skin, similar to those of mosquito bites. Most people will develop hives at some point in their lifetime and at varying levels. Some will develop itchy rashes that may even have a stinging or burning sensation. ...
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Date Archives: July 13, 2016

Cancer Nutrition Myths

When people are diagnosed with cancer, some of them become obsessed with the Internet, and for good reason. There are various resources on the Internet offering hope to the sick, providing essential nuggets of information patients of cancer could use to fight their sickness and achieve a semblance of physical well-being. ...
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Date Archives: July 8, 2016

Common Nutrition Pitfalls

The internet is always telling people what they can or cannot eat. And because so many of the same ideas about nutrition keep circulating, not only online but in other forms of media as well, there are a lot of people who have developed some rather erroneous ideas about food and dieting, the most prominent of which include the following: ...
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Date Archives: July 3, 2016

Growth of Stunting In Children

The World Health Organization (WHO) in its policy brief revealed that over 162 million children are affected by stunted growth globally. Pediatricians say that the condition mainly affects children under the age of five years. ...
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